Our Vision

Transforming the way we live, work and play – recapturing time.

Our Mission

We achieve our vision by integrating our proprietary inventions with those of partner companies to produce innovative air vehicles and support their life cycle.

Global Air Mobility (UAM) Market

As urban congestion continues to rise, so do the costs associated with it, including commuter time and costs for goods and services. All electric Vertical Take-off and Land (eVTOL) air vehicles will change the way we live, work and play. According to Deliotte, US passenger eVTOL market is expected to reach US$3.4 billion in 2025.

Congested highways costs the U.S. $160 billion annually in lost productivity.

We are the best solution for Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

Jaunt’s Reduced rotor Operating Speed (ROSATM) technology, patented design, successful flight demonstrations and Tier 1 partnerships make Jaunt Air Mobility the safest choice for moving people and packages within our communities – overcoming traffic gridlock and lengthy transportation times. Jaunt Air Mobility’s goal for its prototype eVTOL is 2023 and available to riders in 2025. The Jaunt Air Mobility demonstrator has flown more than 100 hours with more than 1000 take-offs and landings.


Jaunt named Uber Elevate Partner June 2019. Uber has the goal of making aerial ridesharing commercially available.


Jaunt represents the metamorphosis of the best features available from helicopters and fixed-wing airplanes. Jaunt offers the lowest noise and highest levels of safety and efficiency compared to any other aircraft in its class.

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