Jaunt Journey Air Taxi

Vehicle Perfomance







175 mph


Reduced rotor Operating Speed Aircraft

ROSATM technology – performs as an airplane with the efficiency of taking-off and landing like a helicopter. As an all-electric aircraft, it produces zero carbon emissions.

100 times quieter than helicopters

Safe Landing under Total Propulsion Loss

5 square miles of landing area from 1,000 ft. altitude
  • The aircraft can autorotate or glide to a landing from any altitude or speed.
  • Normal flight control of the aircraft during the descent and landing.
  • Safe, controlled landing at any time along the entire flight profile.
  • Uniquely patented safety feature.

Certification Path & Intellectual Property

Certification Path Using Existing Airworthiness Rules

  • Certification rules exist for this aircraft type (14 CFR Parts 27 and 29)
  • Jaunt intends to certify under Part 29, single pilot IFR (instrument flight rules)
  • Transport Category (Part 29) certification is the ultimate in safety provided by the FAA, EASA, and TCCA, the same as commercial airliners
  • Jaunt aircraft can operate in the same market as existing helicopters (14 CFR Part 135)

Defensible Patents – with High Innovation Opportunities

Jaunt Journey Roadmap

Proven Flight Technology

Jaunt Journey

Jaunt Medivac

Jaunt Logisitics

The ROSATM Advantage

Jaunt Air Mobility’s can meet a variety of market needs including air taxi, medivac, package delivery, and military applications. The ROSATM technology provides a number of distinct advantages. The combination of an electric motor with a large main rotor and the absence of a tail rotor offer an ultra-quiet aircraft on the ground as well as in the cabin. The patented tilting mast allows for LevelFlyTM at all times; providing a smooth, comfortable ride as well as indiscriminate passenger and package loading. The Jaunt demonstrators have proven efficient aviation performance with over 350 hours of flight time and more than 1000+ take-off and landings.