Challenges of eVTOL youtube webinar features MartinPeryea Jaunt CTOl

A Safe, Ultra-Quiet eVTOL UAM Solution – The Next Evolution in Aviation

VFS Interview with Martin Peryea :

The Vertical Flight Society hosted a free webinar on the Challenges of eVTOL Infrastructure topics. These webinars will provide insights from industry and government organizations on the development of eVTOL infrastructure for urban air mobility (UAM) / advanced air mobility (AAM).

  • ⦁ The Rising Cost of Urban Traffic
  • ⦁ What Infrastructure will solve this problem?
  • ⦁ Market Opportunity: UBER Elevate
  • ⦁ Addressable Market
  • ⦁ The Jaunt Solution
  • ⦁ Jaunt Journey Aircraft Features
  • ⦁ ROSA™ Technology Progression
  • ⦁ The best attributes of an airplane and a helicopter
  • ⦁ Multi-Mode flight capable

Total Electric Loss Landing Capability
Approach Noise Level
The Path to Certification
Jaunt Journey Development & Certification
Thermoplastics Manufacturing Technologies
Vehicle Production – Factor of the Future, Industry 4.0

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