Transportation Transformation: Jaunt is committed to educating engineers, scientists, operators, pilots, community leaders, teachers and students on Urban Air Mobility considerations. We simplify the complexities of understanding how people and packages will move around our country and planet and the footprint they will leave on our society and environment. If you would like to learn more about Transportation Transformation, please contact us as we would love to hear from you.


Jaunt designers are committed to working with local communities, operators, decision-makers, and construction companies to minimize the environmental impact on local infrastructure to accommodate Urban Air Mobility operations. By including infrastructure as an important consideration in the Jaunt design, we produce aircraft that can be quickly adapted into On-Demand flight operations to reduce land-based gridlock and provide positive socio-economic results.


Jaunt works with community leaders, residents, and local operators to understand their concerns regarding the high volume of urban mobility aircraft that will be flying in and around their neighborhoods. While Jaunt engineers have minimized noise and maximized safety, Jaunt’s Part 135 pilots, flight instructors, and flight management team work with operators to explore flight path profiles and staging zones that reduce aircraft visibility to residents. Jaunt considers residents an important part of our design and operations team.

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