Jaunt Air Mobility Announces Leadership Change Martin Peryea named Chief Executive Officer

DALLAS, October 5, 2020, Jaunt Air Mobility, LLC announced today that its Board has named current CTO, Martin Peryea, as interim Chief Executive Officer.

The Board determined that a change in leadership was needed to advance the development of the Jaunt Journey aircraft for Urban Air Mobility. The Company leadership is committed to building confidence with investors, suppliers, customers, and all other stakeholders.

"On behalf of the company, I am pleased to lead Jaunt at this critical juncture,"Mr. Peryea said. He added, “Our confidence in our technology remains high and our working relationships with our key suppliers is stronger than ever. We understand that Kaydon Stanzione will be pursuing other endeavors.

Jaunt Air Mobility LLC is a transformative aerospace company. We design and build piloted and autonomous eVTOL (electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aircraft for urban and regional mobility; addressing multiple markets. Jaunt Journey combines the performance of an airplane with the vertical take-off and landing efficiency of a helicopter. Jaunt offers the safest, quietest, most operationally efficient, and most comfortable flying aircraft. Jaunt Air Mobility was named an Uber Elevate partner in 2019. For more information can be found at www.jauntairmobility.com